Welcome to Balyashree
  • Now you can take phone consultations through call centre. Visit www.nidaan.com and register there to avail this facility.


  • Vaccinations for all age groups (both adult and paediatric)
  • Travellers’ vaccination
  • Emerging vaccination
  • Aseptic conditions & strict cold chain maintained.

At “Balyashree”, vaccination is not treated as a business. We explain benefits of vaccines, their importance and side effects.

“Balyashree” is a certified vaccine point for Avaya Clinic. We have multiple refrigeration units with provision to tackle power failures by invertors.

Balyashree has got a large "CHEST COOLER". first time in Bhubaneswar for a private clinic to have a large Chest Clooler for vaccine storage at required temperature. This can withstad voltage drops and power cuts for resonable period of time and maintains best possible cold chain.